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Default MS Virtual Earth

Funny story from ABC...

Apple doesn't exist on Microsoft's Virtual Earth

Apple Computer does not exist in rival Microsoft's Virtual Earth mapping program.

The program, which was launched onto the Internet by US software giant Microsoft, promises to deliver aerial views of any home or business in the nation.

But it shows an empty lot where Apple Computer has its Silicon Valley campus.

However, typing the Apple headquarters address into the Google Earth mapping program results in a swooping visual descent from the heavens to a corporate compound with a shape akin to the company's Ipods.

Microsoft officials contacted for comment by AFP dodged specifically addressing the absence of Apple in their online map of the world.

They stress that MSN Virtual Earth was released on Sunday as a "beta" test version that would undergo "major upgrades" through the year.

The company says the aerial images currently on Virtual Earth have been digitised from those made publicly available by the US Geological Survey.

It says pictures focused on the northern California city of Cupertino, where Apple is located, were taken as long ago as 1991 and as recently as 2004.

Google says the imagery in Google Earth is updated every six to 18 months.

"We believe that differences in our competitor's imagery are due to them working with other vendors to provide more updated photos," Microsoft said in a written release.

Microsoft claimed to have deals with Pictometry International Corporation for "45-degree or bird's eye" imagery and with Orbimage for international aerial photographs but gave no timeline.
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