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Default Re: So whats to be done ?

So, what's up with the Ozzies, mate?
I dont know SATURNINO...

They are a mystery to me. Paradoxically this and then the opposite.

Haters of authority and the "stupid Poms" and then grovelling to Her Majesty.

The Aussie Lariken is d-e-a-d.

We are now just fat, urbanised sloths still dreaming about the "Aussie spirit" of adventure and "mateship"...looking out for each other.

We still like to think we're Steve Irwin though.

Life is still good here. We will see what happens when "they" overstep the bounds. Already, Howard is reeling from a backlash to his "work reforms" making it easy to get rid of staff etc...

People like your friends still abound. I am hoping for a revoloution here once the average Australian works out what he's in for.


Do you know of the "Barefoot Economist" from Chile...Manfred something? Was watching his doco today on sustainable living.
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