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"The Muhajadin appear to be the true defenders of freedom against the New World Order"... That's what I always figured.. Because of their resistance towards usury.. God's reason why the enlightenment of Mohammad happened was to stop the approaching Satanic New world Order ( is what I figure).. The reason that the NWO is picking on Islam is because they don't believe in interest on loans.. That reason alone is why the NWO sees Islam as a threat... Because the NWO is run by bankers whose power and privilege is based on loans to governments... The Rothschild bunch and the NWO must get rid of the Islamics as well as the Christians who also don't believe in usury.

Sorry to stray from the subject.. However I don't doubt that the U.S. and the powers that be are totally evil and that total power corrupts everybody who has it.. I'm sorry if I screwed up the quote.

Mind control and sexuall perverions are a part of the upper crust of society that unifies them together and separates them from us... The nomal slave type people...Who think God is love.

They believe God is hate.. and that Satan rules.
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