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Congratulations for choosing to pursue this line of study. You have been lied to about social, political, religious, and economic matters. Studying conspiracy theories will help you to understand what the lies are, why they are promoted and by whom, and what the truth is. You will learn that a truly satanic group of people is attempting to create a global government commonly referred to as the New World Order (NWO). Their goal is to empower and enrich themselves by enslaving the majority of humankind. They are murderers, liars, and thieves.

Your best basic education on conspiracy theories is available from Henry Makow, the owner of His personal website is:

His articles by subject area:
For articles about 9/11 go to
section B. THE OCTOPUS
subsection 3. SEPT 11 AND 'WAR ON TERROR' HOAX

Here is one of the best articles on 911 that I have found:

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