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Funny. Theres a thing called "synchronicity". Carl Jung writes extensively on it. An "acausal connecting principal". Whereby 2 or more events seperated by time and space appear linked through "meaning".

The seige is on "Tavistock" Rd. Last night I was reading an article on the "Tavistock Institute" where Carl Jung gave a famous lecture.

Tavistock is known for it's work on "brainwashing". Using psy ops through the media etc...

Ever since I posted that article on Rothschild and his Supreme court building, i have noticed symbols like "flowers" and "cross's" all over the place. I have been perusing Earth Google and find "flowers and cross's on the tops of buildings all over the place. Such as a big department store chain "Myers".

Any way. Ta for the heads up.

Just a photo says "SAS MAn Moving In". The man has "Police" in big white letters on the back of his helmut.

I guess what i'm trying to say is..."staged event".
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