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Default Re: So whats to be done ?

People say Brazil faces the Atlantic and has its ass towards the rest of Latin America.
Ha ha ha ha rofl.

Ah, i love tit bits like that.

Yes, Oz people are very friendly. I was taken aback when i first started coming to forums a year ago. I have been completly open about myself. It seems strange to be so secretive. I have been more discreet lately.

I thin Brazil and Oz have many things in common.

I worked in a backpackers and not having travelled much was amazed when people from all over the world told stories about how friendly Oz people were. How if you ask directions in the street someone would actually take them to where they were going etc...

I always thought ALL people were like that.

If worse comes to worse, Oz will be the place to be.

There are MASSIVE shortages of qualified people at the moment. West Oz inparticular is experiencing a BOOM which will not end soon.

I am amazed when people think we are nothing but a rolling desert and deadly snakes and spiders. My friends tell me to shut up and stop telling people to come here!

Best mate.
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