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Default Re: The only cure

truebeliever wrote:
BOUNCER. I have enjoyed your posts here. They are VERY informative. We cant know everything so this stuff I leave to others.

However, BA has made many members leave due to her ruining threads with her waffle.

I have stayed silent for weeks and even exchanged views with her.

She puts new members straight off the site. People I have asked to come here have simply left after observing the front page.

She is obviously on the high end of the bipolar scale.

I hope she's in therapy and returns with something to say.

Or, perhaps something more sinister.

Whatever. She can stop ruining others threads. I've had a gutfull of her.


Everything is useful, and the winds of reason and wisdom will eventually blow away the chaff from the grain.
No, sometimes the shit just needs to be removed as sson as possible as it simply stinks.

On the matter of having an open and tolerent mind...i think NOHOPE's view on open minds is most succinct.

Yes, sometimes the SHIT in this thread needs to be removed and you, TB, have infected it.

Entry onto this thread by "spoilers" such as yourself is no longer allowed.

If you don't know the codes, keys and/or triggers, access will be denied.

Why is it when you are asked a question, point blank, you don't answer??

A simple question such as the one a poster asked you, "and, if she was JEWISH?"

We are still awaiting an answer from Mr. Know It All!!

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