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Default Re: One Simple Reason Why Globalization Cannot Work

truebeliever wrote:

Central to raising the level of living amongst 3rd world nations is allowing them into 1st world food markets.

This would mean that local food production in places like Europe, Japan and the United States would be essentially wiped out.

There would be some small scale wheat farming and thats about it in the U.S.

So exactly which country is going to wipe out it's local food production capacity?

Japan would have NO food production capacity at all except some fishing as it cannot compete with Australian grown rice.

What country is going to leave the day to day food requirements in the hands of foreign governments?

Therefore, globalization is a non event.

Unless...countries are ASSURED their food needs will be met. That will require an enforcer with a big stick to keep countries in line and keeping their end of the bargain.

Even so, i cannot see how ANY country would put it's day to day food requirements in the hands of a foreign power. Ever.

The first paragraph of this post makes absolutely zero sense.

The rest of the post follows along!!
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