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Default Re: What's the best way to wake people up to the NWO and it's full gravity?

"Bear in mind that, in addition to being in a trance, most people are deeply in debt, and they spend most of their time and energy trying to survive; they really have no interest in understanding the bigger issues that we take so seriously."

This is the most serious problem that the human race faces.

Without time, resources, energy and or financial stability, we have a difficult task.

This trap has been designed for us by them so that our society does not possess the ability to dethrone them. They are masters in the art of deceit, deception and destruction. Everything they do is orchestrated and planned to the very last detail so that the cover-ups can take place.

To unmask them, to unveil them as the "evil" that they represent to others is met most times with rejection. The lie is easier to accept than to subject yourself to the grueling task of replacing all that you thought to be true with all that you find so hard to believe. It is called "deprogramming" and, in essence, an awakening, a new you!!! A different way of seeing the world and interacting with others.

This process causes fear, anxiety, anger and to live comfortably believing a lie in lieu of undergoing emotional, psychological reactions is sometimes too uncomfortable for humans to endure. Being comfortable is what we are all about. Isn't it? Isn't that what they have conditioned us to believe is the ultimate state of mind and isn't this how they provide for us?????

It is not an easy process, but a "necessary" one if America is to be restored with dignity and pride.

So, to speak the truth, to be a patriot in whatever small way is to help "awaken" the interest of those around us who accept without questioning the powers that be and their decades of lies. The "global elite."

Those who cannot see should not be referred to as SHEEPLE as once all of those who have been "enlightened" were SHEEPLE as well.
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