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Default Re: What's the best way to wake people up to the NWO and it's full gravity?

nohope187 wrote:
No, I know they won't see because I've tried to help before and they only look at me like I'm smokin' crack. People are blind because they want to be. They want to be comfortable, they want their creature comforts, they especially love believing that the govt. has their best interests at heart. They've already crossed the line and there's no turning back for them. :-P
Yeah, well, I know of what you speak. Here, let's trade shoes for a while.

Creature comforts keep us happy for the moment, but deep down we are all looking for the same thing.


When we don't find it, we go back to our creature comforts.

Occupied 24/7 with technology.

Working six days a week.

Stores never close.

All of this designed and delivered to U.S. by the NWO so that we are busy and distracted and they can proceed on schedule without interruption from those whose best interests are not their goal.

They do not look over U.S. They look out for themselves.

A painful process for those who still believe the lie to relearn all that they thought they knew was true. A major "deprogramming" campaign needs to be launched by those in Congress who have not been bought.
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