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Default Re: What's the best way to wake people up to the NWO and it's full gravity?

Right. They aren't looking for the truth because they already believe they know it.

Yes, they are SHEEPLE, but not through any fault of their own.

And, the truth is painful. We have been conditioned to believe in a "false" reality and a "false" sense of security by those who supposedly are protecting us.

So, you're right. People want to be taken care of by their leaders.

To accept that they are not leaves one feeling vulnerable and frightened.

Much easier to go back to creature comforts and living the lie without participation.

And, so it continues because PEOPLE don't want to believe what they know is TRUE about their leaders and, if this war of lies isn't staring them right in the face, then they are brainwashed beyond belief.

But, then again, it may just be too painful for them to accept. It was for me.

If you can't trust your government, who can you trust???

The feeling of powerlessness causes a chain reaction of psychological feelings and GAWD forbid not everyday be a day of BLISS!!!!

Take the good with the bad!!
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