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I believe Islam means the complete submission to the will of Allah. That seems to be self mind control. My God power is my Will power. Follow the 10 commandments, speak only truth (with the exception of Governmental authority!),avoid alcohol and drugs, suppress your sexual deviances, and your mind will be self controlled. With a clean mind, awareness and intuition will grow exponentially.

As far as the NWO goes and Islamists. I question the assertion that Usary is the NWO's biggest fear. I think Oil would have to be a bigger fear. Oil is energy and power. If you control the oil than you control the world. The NWO has merely been printing up American debt and set in place the purchase of oil with dollars only. If the powers that be lose control of the oil and/or fiat money system than the game is up! This loss is inevitable, It's only a matter of time. Bring it on!
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