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Default Re: The Most Hated Scientist of the New World Order

Borne_To_Die....But what I can't understand is why the world seems to want to ignore Tesla.. It's almost like they have always been hiding him from public exposure.. Like he had Herpes or something... Perhaps he got a spark of alien intelligence from somewhere..

I was reading another thread and the topic was "Lost Civilizations" or something like that.. Could it be that Tesla and Leonardo Di Vinci tapped into, or channeled another world's technology to us, or perhaps just for some reason, got a glimpse of the future?

I am no stranger to the paranormal, nor precognizance, or astral traveling... I think it happens, And I believe it can be explained by quantum physics.. and I believe it is related to the Kingdom Of Heaven... I believe it is related to the miracles of Jesus.. I Believe it is within the power of God, mind, and spirit to warp time and space.. That is the power of prayer.
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