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nohope187 wrote:
wait, how can he be a patsy if he blamed 9/11 on muslim terrorists. Being an elitist, surely he knows the damage control drill all too well. :-P

I don't understand. What's that got to do with it?

As far as he knew, they were Muslim terrorists as he was told.

If he didn't know it was planned, then he is a patsy in that regard, too, being told they were Muslim terrorists, but then again he was talking about invading Iraq even before 911.

But, how could he not have known they were planning 911?

How could they have kept this from him?

Is he that far "out of the loop?"

Is he that far gone on drugs?

Is he that far under their control?

But, perhaps, invading Iraq using the false intelligence and not connecting it to 911 until it happened.

So, has the grassroots movement done more to expose the corrupt government, or has Bush helped as well in that regard?

If so, then he isn't a good PATSY!! or perhaps, there is some other agenda!!!

Good Night!
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