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Default Re: Who the fuck Is David Icke?

Ba...David Icke has an inordinate amount of popularity in the U.K and Europe and even the U.S.

Many people put up with his "shape shifting lizard theory" because he writes well on subjects like the Illuminati etc...his website is one of the most popular on the web.

He talks like a MAson and also writes inordinately well on the

He even poisens his own well.

I think people should be VERY wary of his intentions.

He despises Christianity.

BA...a word of warning. If you persist in petulent snide remarks on threads which offer NO informational value, but merely show you as the attention seeking fool you are...i will have you in tears.

Go back to your fave "i was a sex slave" thread and be happy. I have no wish to join you there.

I gave you a good serve because you constantly rant shit on others threads but complain bitterly when people come over to your little fave. The hypocrisy was reaking to the point where I had to give you a slap.

You have strong "Aquarian" characteristics...the need to spoil another's day because you are bored and need to feel that you have a degree of power by bothering people from afar.

Deal with the ignoring you got as a child and come back with something to say.

Keep it up and I will be forced to deal with you metaphorically from afar...

BTW...the "peace" line at the end. You are not interested in "peace". You are interested in creating pure chaos which is different from heated argument.
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