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truebeliever wrote:

The point of the chaos is to have people BEGGING for the "secular", "multilateral" U.N to save the planet from the "nutter christian", "unilateral", U.S...

"the people must support the U.N..."

Unless people are conned into supporting a STRONG and POWERFUL WORLD GOVERNMENT under the U.N "they" will fail...thats the pointof the get people to support the U.N.

If you continue to be simply a "petulant child" as opposed to someone genuinely seeking knowledge I will simply ignore your posts in the future.

Everyone else gets it but you.

Everyone gets it but me!! Give me a break. My goodness, someone asks you to clarify and you fly off the handle accusing me of not genuinely seeking knowledge.

When new posters come here are they never to question you, MASTER?????

If they don't understand, should they not ask a question??

And, you think you are imparting knowledge to others. More like shoving it down their throat and if they dare ask a question they are belittled.

Man, you are something else!!!! That's for sure.

Brush up on etiquette, would you, and, yes, please ignore me.

It's for the best.
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