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Again, both of these statements by you are contradictory in nature and require further explanation:

truebeliever wrote:

First statement:

He is a "patsy" in the sense that now the U.S's reputation as a nutter superpower is cast in concrete...the internationalist arm of the NWO program can morally justify the creation of a re-invigorated and powerful United Nations to... "Bring ORDER to the galaxy!"

Second statement:

Only a STRONG UN supported by the PEOPLE will allow the final act of ENDING the recent experiment in Liberal Democracy to come to fruition.

The people MUST support the U.N or they will fail. That?s the point of WARS.


If the point of Bush being a patsy is to cast the UN as a nutter superpower and reinvigorate the UN to bring order to the galaxy as part of the international arm of the NWO, why then do you say the people must support the UN or they will fail?

Who are they?

Why support the UN if their goal is to bring order to the galaxy through the international arm of the NWO?

Please explain what the Liberal Democracy experiment was?

That's the point of wars?? What's the point of wars as stated above?

I think you are a fraud!!!
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