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Default Re: Bush a PATSY!!

We Australians have reputations as "aggressive" people.

It is partly true.

We, as a rule, do not go for Oprah stuff and "compromise" and "resoloution"...we simply tell tossers to "fuck off".

I am indeed aggressive. You should have seen me in my early 20's.

It is my nature to confront power...i have done this many times and had my life threatened for it.

I hold wafflers in contempt.

Study of the NWO program in it's varying forms is a pleasant distraction from the boredom of life.

For myself and others it is a deadly serious business with consequences you are incapable of imagining.

If you think building a life based around independance from centralised power and the certainty of a possible all out nuclear exchange by 2011 are are as ill informed as i have always known you to be.

Again...the mind control thread awaits...
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