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In movies such as War of the Worlds.

On tops of department store chains.


Note at the end of all Weinstein films like Matrix trilogy there is an EQUILATERAL (Maltese) cross at the end. Also note the anti-authority movie "Equilibrium".

The layout of the Arch we see in War of Worlds with the sun shining through...Paris.

Aparently theres a Mason Square and Compass in their. Note top right. Also the two triangels that have a point at the White House and another point that starts at the Washington Monument...i do beleive thats a star of David?

The flower symbol is a type of MANDALA or majic circle. It is a symbol particular to the East and is meant to represent "wholeness" or "completeness" or "enlightenment"...the TOTALITY of the being. Note the "I Ching" or Carl Jungs commentary on "The Secret Of The Golden Flower".

You will note the Christian cross is NOT a equilateral cross. Only the Greek Orthadox cross is an equilateral one and the Greeks are well known for their "well rounded Earthy" natures.

Christianity is known for it's attachment to the "masculine" principals but a little lacking in the "feminine" things which is why the Catholics are hell bent on making Mary a "goddess".

Christ was pretty "feminine" and FULL of compassion so maybe we should blame the churches.

The secret to the Masons and the Illuminati is this...

Over the eons people have experienced what is collectively known as "Mysterium Coniunctio" or the "Mysterious Connection". "Christ Consciousness". "Cosmic Consciousness". "The Golden World". "Bramah". "Transcendence".

This is the BIG secret the Masons go on about...or dont go on about.

That YOU ARE GOD. You just dont know it. Jesus did and thats the secret. "The Kingdom Of God Is Within You". Paul was struck down by a vision of Christ on the way to la la.

This is the BIG secret these western secret societies have "brought back from the East".

I had an especially deep experience of the divine at 22. I was stacking wood after a particularly hard time. For 15 minutes I experienced what is almost impossible to describe.

"I" was GOD. "I" stretched to the fartherest reaches of the Universe. "I" knew ALL things past, present and future. "I" was ALL that would be and had been. "I" could count my Red Blood Cells. "I" was in EVERY cell of my body and my body was always an EXACT measure of the state of my soul.

This experience crippled me for 10 years.

This is the "Holy Grail" that Parsifal is searching for.

The "Cup Of Life"...from which ALL meaning flows.

It's loss is forever shown in the desire for drugs.

After an experience like this you start to think you're Jesus Christ. If you're lucky you escape that little trap.

The ego always wants to "own" an experience like that. For it's own ends. The Masons want to own it and so do the Illuminati and they've been laughing at the "silly" Christians ever since.

You may return to the "Grail Castle" only after you realise who's boss. Only after you can ask the Grail question..."whom does the Grail serve?"

The Grail serves God and God alone.

Jesus knew that. Thats what makes him what He was. He was the perfect vessal for the divine experience. Perhaps there will never be such a perfect vessal again.

You will have access to the Grail if you will let go of infantile attachments, ego trips and basic narcisistic self involvement.

I'm still working on it.
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