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truebeliever wrote:
We Australians have reputations as "aggressive" people.

Yeah, so, am I supposed to be impressed or something?

It is partly true.


We, as a rule, do not go for Oprah stuff and "compromise" and "resoloution"...we simply tell tossers to "fuck off".

WOW!! You guys are TOUGH!!!

I am indeed aggressive. You should have seen me in my early 20's.

I'm glad I didn't see you in your early 20's.

It is my nature to confront power...i have done this many times and had my life threatened for it.

So, you confront me because I represent power. Thanks for the compliment!!!

I hold wafflers in contempt.

You hold wafflers in comtempt!! My goodness, MASTER, should we all be afraid???

Study of the NWO program in it's varying forms is a pleasant distraction from the boredom of life.

Very well. Whatever floats your boat!!! Sorry, you have such a boring life!!

For myself and others it is a deadly serious business with consequences you are incapable of imagining.

Well, TB, for others it is serious, as well, but we all don't have to mimic you!! and I think I know about consequences. Or, do you think you are the only one on the planet who is in the KNOW???

If you think building a life based around independance from centralised power and the certainty of a possible all out nuclear exchange by 2011 are are as ill informed as i have always known you to be.

Well, gee, why don't you put me in the corner for being so ill-informed. Building a life based around independance from centralised power???? WTF??? That makes absolutely no sense like many of your posts. Centralized power doesn't allow us to be independent by it's nature.

Again...the mind control thread awaits...
What is the point of telling me the mind control thread awaits!?! I'll post wherever I want whenever I want.
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