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Default Re: What's the best way to wake people up to the NWO and it's full gravity?

truebeliever wrote: may be refering to my exchange with THUMPER?

If so...there is nothing to "kid" about.

I use ONE nik and ONE nik only when on the net at forums.

I have only ever posted at LF...Inside Politics and a "science one".

I am completely open about myself and dont play games on forums.

I leave that to others.

I hope that clears things up for you.

We see what we want to see and it often expresses the nature of our own soul...

My comment was not about you.

The nothing to "kid" about is your motto!!

Now you're telling me where you have posted and that you don't play games on forums.

And, this your saying, because????

You leave games to others!! Okay, TB, I see that you consider yourself the INTERNET KING!! The one who is going to save the world!!! all by himself.

Clears what up????

I'm a beautiful person, TB. That's exactly as I see myself.

It must get lonely sittin' up on that high horse of yours all of the time!!!

Come on down and join the rest of us peons!!!
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