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Default Re: My Son The Drug Pusher.

truebeliever wrote:
You really are a sick individual, TB!!!

Is there any particular reason you posted that? Care to elaborate?

Didn't think so!!!

Just like to make "snide" comments, degrade and humiliate people?

Figures. I've know a few "sadistic pigs" like you in my time!!
BA...i suggest you look in the mirror.

What you put get back three fold.

Sweetie I go all the way to 10.

I am currently on 2.

Shit gets deeper?

TB, I don't need to look in the mirror.

What I put out, I get back threefold???

Hmmmm!! I think you're an attack dog!!! and, therefore, your life is SHIT because you have received threefold what you've put out and yes, the shit will get deeper for you.

You go all the way to 10!!

Bring it on!!!

What? Is that suppose to frighten me or something?

WOW!! You're one tough guy beatin' up on this sweetie, aren't you?

Hopefully, you aren't married.
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