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Default Re: "Stan Goff". Ex-Special Forces Writes On Possibility Of Bush Using Tactical Nukes

truebeliever wrote:
Grown ups think for themselves BA.

So grownups think that when dogs are acting funny, the NWO has something planned? Okay!! Whatever!!

Little children snipe from the sidelines.

Exactly what you do!!

The reason i upset you so much is that deep down inside you there is a little tyrant waiting to come out.

You don't upset me. You upset yourself. Look at your posts. No tyrant here!! However, the tryant is very visible in you.

You despise people you perceive as arrogant because you are intensely arrogant and self centered your self. Because you are unaware of this shadow side of yourself you project it onto others.

I don't perceive you as arrogant. You are arrogant. I am neither arrogant or self-centered. You don't know me, remember that, please!! And, I really don't think you have the capability to render psychological/personal evaluations of others. In fact, I know you don't, because you are NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD!! I project nothing on to others. You are arrogant. Period!! It has nothing to do with any shadow side of myself.

You also have a powerful sex drive that you are unwilling to consciously admit too and perhaps have fantasies of cheating or leaving your husband.

Really!! Yes, perhaps you can ring my hubby up and he'll tell you about the powerful sex drive you seem to know about that exists within me. Fantasies of cheating or leaving my husband??? Ah, TB, I think most people have fantasies. Cheating or leaving my husband??? NEVER!! Are you a tarot card reader or something? Crystal ball?

Your fantasy of "mind control sex slave" is in fact a unfulfilled "infantile fantasy" of wishing to claim your powerful and Onipotent daddy for yourself. You probably fantasies about rape yourself?

Why do you keep using the words "sex slave?" You say them more than I ever have. Apparently, you don't know anything about mind control. Just blah, blah, out of your mouth. Fantasies about raping myself? You are truly sick, TB. Seek help!!

Get to a good therapist. There are plenty in the U.S and are not always to expensive. I wish you luck on your "journey".

Upon the advice of my family and friends, there is no reason for me to seek therapy and they've known me for much longer than the POWERFUL Truebeliever, FRAUD that he is!!

TB says something is definately up. He feels tense West of Oz.
Yes, i have garnered quite a reputation for myself amongst friends for my "predictive" abilities.

Are you clairvoyant???

People who's brainwave patterns remain in the "frantic" - "manic like" Alpha state cannot consciously reach these "longer brainwave" patterns of instinct. Hence my inference to MINUTEMANS dogs...which was obvious but we know your child like modus operandi?
Oh, yes, TB, again you are so above the rest of us humans. And, yes, the thing with MINUTEMAN's dogs, very obvious, indeed. HA!

You're making a fool out of yourself!!!

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