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"I believe Islam means the complete submission to the will of Allah. That seems to be self mind control. My God power is my Will power. Follow the 10 commandments, speak only truth (with the exception of Governmental authority), avoid alcohol and drugs, suppress your sexual deviances, and your mind will be self controlled. With a clean mind, awareness and intuition will grow exponentially."

Daniel.. If you substituted the word Islam for Christianity and used the word God instead of Allah.. You would be describing the Christian message.. I happen to think Christians and the Muslims are talking about the same God/Allah.. The trouble is the NWO is pitting us against each other.. and the Deity of the NWO is Lucifer.

Christians, Muslims, and Judaism have the same Deity.. in my opinion... The problem is that a bunch of Satan worshippers swiped the Jewish religion and have twisted it to equate it with Zionism.. Hence the Jews who are not Jewish are are calling the shots in Israel... And while they kill the Semites ( Palestinians and Arabs) they call those that reject the slaughter anti-Semites.
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