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Default Re: Unlawful search & seizure?

Bouncer wrote:
He must've hid the booze well, then. OK, soooo, the casinos pump in oxygen to fortify the air and make everyone feel happy and alive so they stay longer and spend more money happily. And live longer. Maybe. So who's to say that they don't put a little oxytocin []
in there, too? And how about those high-pressure salespeople for time-share? "Oh, we can give you the monthly payment that fits your budget" (Like yeah, $10 per month for the next gazillion years). :-? Do THEY use organic agents? I could swear that when I sat for one of those sessions (never again) they had the A/C blowing directly down on my head. Hmmmm, I wonder.
No need to hide any booze, readily available throughout the stadium. :lol:

Funny story, shortly after I "WOKE," my family and I were going out of town for Thanksgiving. I always ordered (when airlines still served lunch, etc.) vegetarian meals for two in my family.

Now, remember, it's shortly after 911, the flight attendant approaches our family and in a really loud voice, says I have two MIDDLE EASTERN dinners for you. We just looked in amazement and could only laugh afterwards.

Now, on our way back, my husband was taken out of the line forming to board the aircraft, over to a table and everything was searched.

Now, listen to this, recently, my son was driving in his car, heard some rattling in the back of his SUV. His friends asked if he had any beer back there. NO, he said, and I believe him.

There were two 40 oz. colts. He was driving for 30 seconds looking for a garbage can. Instead, his two friends said, oh, pull over, in some park or something and they proceeded to take a sip.

Two seconds later, the cops showed up, asked whose it was and they said it was their beer and did not implicate my son.

He was not drinking.

So, this type of CRAP has been happening all of my life.

The list goes on and on. Don't want it to be all about me. Just want people to be aware that they definitely have "covert" ways of trying to get to you.

You can imagine, that my son, knowing about me, my past, was quite angry. Not only about the beer, but everything he has learned about our government over the past several years.

As far as time shares, those people really bug me. I once went to one with my family. Had the three children. Of course, they were unable to sit through this lady's presentation. I was upset because several times I said, not interested. She kept it up. I walked out never to go back to the table with my husband. She came outside, asked about me, said not interested.

She went inside with my husband, gave him the free hotel, etc. whatever (dump, by the way) and told him never to come back.

Who knows, Bouncer. Who knows what they put in our food, or toothpaste.

Who knows. But, I'm certain flouride is used as a means to pacify. I heard it was used on prisoners.

:lol: 8-) :lol: 8-)
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