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Default Re: Unlawful search & seizure?

Yeah, flouride, oxytocin, LSD, HAARP: who knows, maybe Orville Redenbacher's butter flavor contains nanotechnology to turn us into dull-eyed drooling TV zombies? I mean, these perv's thinking this stuff up have practically no limit to the imagination or to the budget. Limitless amounts of money to come up with new ways to f*ck people up permanently. Think about the minority enclaves in the inner city. The perv's bracket the neighborhood with psychoactive field generation, and then sit back and watch the 911 board light up like a Christmas tree. Oh gee, i guess it works.
The jerks in the airlines are never going to stop a highly-trained professional soldier from doing his job, by making annoying noises at innocent passengers. Idiots. The local yokels were probably just following orders or responding to a "tip" and didn't know what they were doing, either. America is still asleep and don't know it yet. Believe me, if some things don't change, there will be a next one, and it will be right in someone's backyard. And it'll be bigger, too. :-(
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