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Default Re: Fee Fi Fo Fum... I smell me some shitty bum

If only they would all take the ship to the planet XEMU, or whatever; but then we wouldn't have anyone to run tho government and there would be no decent shows on the telly. Scientologists are notorious for trying to ruin the lives of anyone who speaks against them in public. Noone should really take that risk. Besides, we all know that they are a straw for the CIA and the DIA research and containment projects.
Television scenarios of "positive-outcome violence" actually have a profound effect on subconscious decision-making. The constant repetition of violence and graphic carnage take their toll, but it's not obvious until you know what to look for. Anyone who has learned to play chess will remember that for the first few months of practice, every problem began to look like a chess problem. Your mind wanted to solve things just as if they were a game of chess. This is the schema imprinting that neurolinguistic programming illustrates, and it is the way television viewing affects our minds. Vigilance! Onward!
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