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Default Re: Is too much education destroying our ability for creative thought and innate knowledge?

It's hard to think logically in an illogical world that has been created through the distribution of disinformation from "cradle to grave."

Mind conrol at its' height!! Confusing the masses and keeping them confused!!!

Cognitive and critical thinking abilities are not developed and/or enhanced in the "classroom" setting and, therefore, our children's brain functions have been suppressed and impaired. I believe the public education system is responsible for ADD and ADHD as well as current technology.

These skills are necessary to venture into the world alone and to learn to make the right choices, but the truth is also necessary and that has been hidden from us forever.

Our public education system impairs and suppresses "independent" thinkers through the forced memorization of facts. A FREE classroom with thoughts and ideas being exchanged does not usually exist. We learn from the books that they publish and provide to us which are written with facts and history that, in many cases, contains a little bit of truth and alot of fiction.

Independent thinkers are looked down upon while group thought is considered the norm.

People will believe almost anything so that their "universe," their world within can feel comfortable and stable.

They know our government is corrupt. They have to know. George Bush has told them so. But, they are helpless against BIG BROTHER and the anger subsides and the next day comes and we get up and go to work and we do our little part each day in trying to make a difference.

That is all that we can do!! and it is something and so we MUST!! strive to make a better America for our children and our children's children.

Living in a "state of confusion" is difficult. Not knowing who to trust is difficult or which information to believe is difficult. Trust me. I know. I was there!!!

This is exactly where the "cabal" wants all of us. In a "state of confusion."

However, if you don't understand FREEMASONRY, can't grasp the corrupt nature of the CIA, the private banking system, "Skull and Bones," the Illuminati, mind control programs, etc., etc., there is one thing for sure.

There is one thing of which I AM CERTAIN!!

Our President lied to us about IRAQ and he knew he lied.

He and the others within his administration are as guilty as those who handed him the "beefed up" intelligence.
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