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Default Re: How soon will the ruling elite turn against the Muslims living in Europe?

Very interesting about PIKE!!

I must reintroduce myself to this man's writings.

However, I realize now why I have attempted to refrain from referring to the "blueprint" for the Americas/world as a NWO.

It just never sounded right to me.

Their current day "blueprint," of course, is the "Project for the New American Century."

Does this follow PIKE's map?

Pike wrote about the long-term plan as a One World Order and this is the term that I feel most comfortable with when writing about THEM.

I believe they use this term as well amongst themselves, but like any good salesman, they have given the rest of us a "catch phrase" that is not as restrictive as a "One World Order." What could be wrong with something NEW???

One might ask, why not just go ahead with your plan without communicating NWO to the masses? I would suggest that conditioning the "sheeple" must be gradual so as to deliver them into evil blindly and smoothly.

Once you are inside the web, it is too late to escape.

The transformation has taken place.

Kind of like a butterfly from a cacoon.

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