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Default Re: The Most Hated Scientist of the New World Order


I was reading up on one of the tesla sites you provided about making ships disappear...

Holy shit, I thought to myself. Z who told me two days prior to an explosion in new York on oil budget speech day canada, post 911 tol...we talked DND.

This is where I like having an open mind.

He was explaining to me about this technology where they could makes ships disappear. No shit. I guess he is and was telling me the truth. Apparently they have resolved many problems bar you cannot pass through the field - you are safe on oneside or the other. If you pass through, you dissintegrate.

This is the same guy who talked to me about rips in the fabric of time and after reading tesla I understand he was telling the truth again.

My little mind is blown away. What we can do while people are poisoned, starved and bombed?

And if you could appreciate the assinine idiots running the show around here. We canadians think Bush is a moron? You should see the canadian clown act.

Let's see, in little old halifax, they are building nukes at dalhousie university, disappearing ships at the dockyard and ripping holes in time and they are IDIOTS. That is a very dangerous combination of events.

Somebody wake me up please. This nightmare feels never-ending. This city is so fucked up.

Words cannot describe what I am feeling right now. Appalled does not even come close.

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