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Default Re: Unlawful search & seizure?

It's an interesting study what they can and can't obtain without a warrant. Breath, yes; blood, no. Hey, funny you should mention DARPA, because the BLUESKY and TIA proposals can't happen without serious erosion of our basic rights to personal privacy. Although manpower and other considerations would indicate its use only on the most nefarious suspects, let's not forget Ruby Ridge, et al, and the allegations of federal snipers to muddy the waters.
I mean really, the fact that they passed the Patriot Act signifies a subversion of what we've trusted up to this time!
Blue Angel, I was only in a funk, and trying to inject a little mirth into the despair of knowing that most of our lives are vulnerable to a lot of different things. Personally, I like the Kettle Corn. Yeah, that stuff at the movie theater is just flavored grease. Yuk. See for a few good paragraphs regarding application of the Fourth to technology.
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