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I know what your saying and i agree that war is bad but in some cases it is neccary. If your going with the thouh shall not kill comandment for your reason its wrong. It wasnt properly translated into english and it was menat to say muder not kill. God advocated using wars against certain peoples throughout the bible. Also like i said in my first post i would rather use peaceful means, but if u look throughout history war changes things more than peaceful measusres (unfortantly) and i just dont see the illumninati/nwo being taken down peacefully. Hopefully peace works but if not we will have to resort to war. That is what i meant. lol sorry if i sound like i'm being a dickhead millitant cuz i'm not just i dont see peace working in this case. Cuz usually i dont like to fight and i'm not a violent person just i see this as the most plausable way we can win.
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