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Default Re: If Peak Oil is a myth, why is the US even dealing with the Saudis?

this wrote:
I think TB is the big supporter against Peak Oil here, along with Nomad. From what I read of Vialls he admitted that there isn't enough Oil to economically be extracted at current rates, which is what PO is.

" the Russians [and the CIA] know perfectly well, reserves of oil in the mantle of the earth are infinite."

Hmm...this must be a very heavy planet. So heavy it could not possibly rotate - there's your proof Rush!

1.Peak Oil is a scam

2.OLD suppressed technology exists to gets hundreds of miles per gallon

3.NEW witheld technology exists to get thousands of miles per gallon

4.Electric Vehicles are THE answer to pollution
and "fuel" economy

5.The "Arabs" don't own nor control "their" oil,
those uneducated JEWISH bedouins were put there to give the illusion of our dependence on them when their countries were carved out and named and created out of thin air by the NWO. They
are mere puppets and the Illuminati pulls all their strings. Think of the Arab leadership as managers of the NWO assets to understand reality.
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