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Default Re: If Peak Oil is a myth, why is the US even dealing with the Saudis?

Arjuna wrote:
I agree. The resources of Wall Street are mobilized to wage WW III to create the NWO global plantation. Drastically reduced standards of living in the USA are part of that plan. Obtaining complete ownership of some of the best existing oilfields on the planet while eradicating Islam is also part of that plan.
"Drastically reduced standards of livingin the USA are part of that plan."

Couldn't agree more. The AMERICA we thought we knew, the AMERICA we dream about, has never existed.

Only in the minds of the brainwashed masses.

Iraq was about OIL!!

Do they think we are still BLIND???

I do not FEAR these men. I never did and I never will.

GOD knows that I do not seek revenge. I seek JUSTICE.

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