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Default Re: Concern grows over US plans to nuke Iran

Dreak wrote:
I wouldnt worry your day to day paranoia on this one .

Paranoia? Who is paranoid? I think it's called reporting. There is a difference.

There will be no nukies flying anytime soon..Not on Iran..Nor on anyone ( unless there is a full blown nuke war )

Scare mongers make me SICK !

And, the scare mongers would be??? Full blown nuke war. Well, that sounds better. Thanks for clearing up the paranoia!!

there will be a time..but not stop it allready..

There will be a time for what? A full blown nuke war? So, stop talking about something that is less?

Oh..if there are nukes bombing Iran in then next..oh..lets say year..( your suggesting a month or im exagerating here on the time to keep me safe ) Ill be wrong...but I think your wrong and wrong on what your saying ..

How would you know???

Are you suggesting that we all get a plot of land in the hills and start growing our own corn fields ? and hens and cows ? or are we allready fookered ?

I don't think anyone suggested a plot of land in the hills. Fookered??? Yeah, maybe you are.

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