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Default Re: Psychological Armor and the Armored FLEA

From Political Puzzle:

...You do realize that J. B. Campbell is the head of the ďNational Socialist White Peopleís partyĒ AKA The American Nazi Party. I believe that the Jews kept him from giving the troops a bulletproof car as much as I believed that those people who talk to aliens had really cloned a human being....

...Damspot, if you truly didnít know who J. B. Campbell is I apologize for accusing you of spreading Nazi propaganda. This article may sound convincing, but there are at least three things there that prove it is utter BS. One deals with the people he spoke to, and one deals with the design of the armor. Iíll let you flex your critical thinking skill before I reveal them. SJS Says:
June 26th, 2005 at 11:09 am


I donít think MW was screaming. He was trying to point out something that is not always so obvious to people. As I said, you are not alone in this. Pros get taken, too. I came to your defense, as such, because we all make mistakes, that is how we learn, but MWís criticism of the post is valid. This JB Campbell is clearly an anti-semite. And there are some questionable ďfactsĒ aside from the obvious anti-semitic rhetoric. The same JB Campbell has been linked to a claim that the Southern Poverty Law Center was involved in the OKC bombing, and I know you donít think thatís legit. It is possible to oppose Zionism, many Israelis do, and not be an anti-semite. America needs to ask these questions. To what degree does our support for Israel serve our foreign policy interests? But we can do that without being anti-semitic. Just like you, I am a loyal, patriotic American who is very much opposed to the current government. There are Israelis just like that in Israel, but there are also people who are not in favor of the current Israeli government, not because they disagree with itís policies, but because they just donít like the Jewish people. As to Rense, it is a website one should view with some skepticism. Some info there is less reputable than others. And you should always include a link to the original. MW was just trying to look out for Daveís rep, which is important to all who post and comment here, as well as Dave. To be honest, itís your rep that will suffer by being connected to the post, but thatís your call, or Daveís. To put it mildly, this is tin foil hat territory. At least put a link to Rense and a disclaimer....
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