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Default Re: Pentagon can't account for 2.3 trillion dollars: proof that they are beholden to banksters?

If the Pentagon can't account for 2.3 billion dollars, why do we know???

I believe the taxpayer's are financing this war.

The banksters print money out of thin air to fund their wars and then our government graciously allows the people of this country to borrow it from them and repay with interest.

It's called firing up the "war machine." The longer it rolls, the more money they make.

I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new.

About the beholden part though. Aren't they one in the same? Not all bankers, but same agenda.

So, the war machine, the military industrial complex is a very profitable business for them. Sad, but true!!

And, all these years, so many people thought it was about FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY.

I can't get around this missing 2.3 billion dollars.

Are they pocketing it for themselves and allowing our men to serve without body armor?

They have a military budget(s) for funding the war. They print the money and it goes missing????

Guess they overestimated the projected cost of the war by about 2.3 million dollars so they fattened up their bank accounts and plunged the American people deeper into debt.

So, if this money is missing, WTF? are we suppose to repay with interest on notes that have vanished into thin air?

Why do we know it is missing?
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