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Default Re: Pentagon can't account for 2.3 trillion dollars: proof that they are beholden to banksters?

i have no idea what and who is missing what exactly.there is no money anyway.
maybe it has something to do with this article and buying old bonds?
is there a full article with some details about the 2.3 b.{stupid question}.
would it have anything to do with barter and militairy supplies to israel?
they have been funding them for ages so it wouldn't surprise me.they have probably bend the meaning of one word to make it legal. i also did a bit of c/p from m e croft.
:-) The reason we have the corporate scams (like Enron) these days is because of bad bookkeeping. This is
their only crime. There are no funds to steal; what they have stolen is the exemption of their (former)
employees. Even after you leave the job the corporation continues to use your exemption because they have
your SSN/SIN. The real question is, why haven’t the employees themselves been using their exemptions
and not leave them lying around for the crooked corporations to steal? Bush’s ostensible upset about
cracking down on corporate greed (what a skit!) is not to punish them but to remind them to clean up their
act before the sheeple catch on that they’re cooking the books. Since there is no money it is only credit/
assets which they’re stealing by juggling the liability side of the accounts which they can do because the
people have turned over their exemptions to them. The cat is out of the bag. These corporations are in for a
big surprise.
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