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Default Re: Who the fuck Is David Icke?

Icke is a guy who collected info that can be found in many websites and writes books telling he was the one who first dicovered it. Much like Erik Von daniken.
He is totally new age, and I believe a disinfo agent for the occultists to take away the credibility of serious truth seekers. He tells all the right things about the Iluminatti and then comes with the ridiculous lizard theory, making everybody who believes there is a NWO look like an idiot.
All the Iluminatti hate the most is that people realize that they are occultists and Lucifer worshippers. So there comes Icke for help.
However, maybe Icke is just a poor soul who doesn`t know what he is doing. He may be sincere, but controlled by demons nevertheless. Maybe a demon made him see an illusion of someone shapeshifting onde day and he believes in this crap ever since.

The same goes for poor Jordan Maxwell, who himself says he had encounters with demons in his childhood. Without the help of God, these people never recover from these things and spend the rest of their lives in confusion.
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