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Default Re: NYPD Officials Reveal Details Of London Bombing

"We know those same types of organizations that they're affiliated with are very much present in New York City," he said. "That's something we're studying very, very carefully. ... This could happen here."

They know they're present in New York City. Well, boys, go get 'em. What are you waiting for?

They are studying this very carefully????

This could happen here????

Oh, thanks for the warning/terrorist alert!!

So, you know the organizations are in your city and you know it could happen again in New York.

So, where are they if you know they are in your city? You must have some idea or are you just going to allow them to strike???

Please use the taxpayer's money and do your freakin' jobs!

This is a "war on terror," remember, and you must stop the terrorists in their tracks unless you want them to carry out their acts of violence little by little all over the world until we no longer feel safe anywhere.
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