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Default Re: How come nobody knows what the Hegelian dialectic is?


Reason why I asked in the first place as this topic, is because anyone who knows anything about conspiracy should already know about the dialectic and how it works.
I think it's a little harsh to say this.

I've learned a lot since I "woke up", which was shortly after 9/11. I've done countless hours of research concerning conspiracies since then. Even before 9/11 I had thoughts and ideas, but nothing like what I have now. I've never once came across the Hegelian Dialectic until now.

I mean this is like one of the basic building blocks of understanding the thinking of globalists along with Machiavelli's well practiced thoughts for government of "what you can't achieve by deceit, you acheive by force".
You make a very valid and interesing point and I think I do too. In order to educate more people on what is really happening, we have to expose them to the Hegelian Dialectic. Trying to explain a conspiracy to people without knowledge of the Hegelian Dialectic only makes you (or me :-D ) look like a kook. However, it's not too hard to explain, especially with the examples given on the web page that was linked in this thread.

I think this would do very well with the movie that is being planned in another thread on this site.

I'm going to make up flyers that explain the Hegelian Dialectic and hand them out. Hmmm, I'll also start leaving them in public places. I'll hand them out to strangers. I have a brainstorm brewing and I think I like it. :-)

Mr. Shady
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