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eh ...

Bill was a friend of mine. If it wasn't for his motorcycle accident he'd be about 86, 40 some years my senior. He was a retired blue collar factory worker and an avid hunter.

Bill's wife's name was June. When I'd call Bill, June would answer the phone and talk my leg off, usually about some health problem.

Some time after Bill had passed I decided to visit June to see how she was doing, with her health problems and all.

Well sir, it seems the reason June had stopped talking about her health problems was because she didn't have any, other then just getting old. At some point the company Bill had retired from had reduced his health benefits so instead of 100% coverage they had deductibles and co-insurance to deal with. Bill had always told me that there was nothing wrong with her, she'd read or hear something and think she had it and would run off to see a doctor. Interestingly, after there was a cost for her to see a doctor, she decided most doctors were pill pushers and that a person was better off with proper nutrition and regular exercise.

I'm sure there is a moral in there somewhere but darned if I can find it.

We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

Pogo (Walt Kelly)
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