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Default Re: Alien involvement

The universe is extremely large and extremely old. There are billions of galaxies, each containing billions of stars. It is very possible that there are billions of habitable planets, such as earth, and it is likely that many of them harbor intelligent life.

If so, then it is also probable that there are alien races that are more intelligent than the human race, and that they have created technologies that are far superior to anything the human race has created. If some of them have the technology to travel across the vast distances of space, then it should surprise noone that alien races have visited earth.

Some people think the UFO phenomenon is something new. It is not. Aliens have probably been coming to earth for millions of years. Evidence of an alien presence on earth today is pretty convincing, in my opinion.

There are many accounts of flying machines, called vimanas, in the ancient literature of India. Some of these accounts describe the same kind of craft reported as UFOs today. Apparently, some of the ancient accounts of flying saucers date as far back as 15,000 years ago.

Here is some information about the alien presence on earth in ancient India.
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