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Default Re: The "House of Communist Terror" in Hungary

WW2 was orchestrated to exhaust the European countries in years of war so that Freemasons-Zionists could break what was left of the spirit of the Traditional World i.e. Germans, Magyars-Hungarians, Romans (Italians) and on the other side of the world in the Far East, the Japanese, as opposed to the Modern "World", represented by Socialism, Bolshevik World Revolution, Freemasonry and Jewish-Khazar Kabbalists-Zionists.

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the Bolshevik coup d'etat in Hungary 1919 and following events violently terminated the traditional ruling-educated class in both countries. These empires were the only ones that resisted the revolutions in 1848 and DIDN'T fall so the Freemasons-Khazars had to have another go.

There were several attempts at coup d'etat during the same period, that is c:a 1918-1920 in Germany (and France, Italy, etc.) but they were successfully opposed and rooted out by one German Socialist in fact, <a href="">Gustav Noske</a>.

These revolutions are manifestations of the passing of power from the Third Estate (i.e. the merchant classes) to the Fourth Estate, that is the proletariat - the masses.

<a href="">Evola writes</a>:

"Finally the crisis of bourgeois society, classs truggle, the proletarian revolt against capitalism, the manifest promulgated at the "Third International" in 1919, and the correlative organization of the groups and the masses in the cadres proper to a "socialist civilization of labor" -all these bear witness to the third collapse, in which power tends to pass into the hands of the lowest of the traditional castes, the caste of the beasts of burden and the standardized individuals. The result of this transfer of power was a reduction of horizon and value to the plane of matter, the machine, and the reign of quantity. The prelude to this was the Russian Revolution. Thus, the new ideal became the "proletarian" ideal of a universal and communist civilization.

(D. Merezhkovsky, Les Mysteres de l'Orient: "The word "proletarian" comes from Latin proles, which means posterity, generation. Proletarians 'produce' and generate with their bodies, but are spiritual eunuchs. They are not men or women, but anonymous 'comrades', impersonal ants which are part of the human anthill".)
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