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Default Re: Aerial activity at WTC on 9/11

This is interesting.

As far a media "choppers," I find it difficult to believe that they could have arrived 15 seconds after impact.

I was watching CNBC at the time the first jet hit the tower. I was looking at it hanging out of the building for which seemed like forever before the explosion was detonated. Think about it? People had enough time to get out, firemen inside, etc., before the building came crumbling to the ground.

The jet was hanging out of the building and the "stock market" talkingheads were saying that it was a small aircraft.

So, the helicopter. Was it watching the situation in an effort to determine when to PUSH the button?

Does anyone have footage of the CNBC coverage. It would be interesting to note how much time elapsed after the jets hit and the detonations occurred.

If it hasn't been changed or confiscated already.

Also interesting to note how these vehicles are not shown in the myriad of footage we have of 911.
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