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Default Please Believe This

Hiya every body peeps.

I've been quiet for a long time, I'm back. I do not know for how long.

I am facing unfounded allegations from my employer.

My employer is an education institiution (according to some of you masonically "controlled").

I have faced a criminal investigation, the 'masonic' controlled police force have said there are no charges to answer.

My employers are still persuing a disciplinary investigation against me. The effects of which involve my baby boys, my partner, my parents.

Apparently I've been f*cking the majority of students at my place of work. I'm supposed to have illegitimate children, I'm supposed to have been assaulted by the family of one of these people (I had my cheekbone shattered earlier this year by negative dickheads pissed in a pub[I did actually, have my cheekbone shattered that is]) I'm supposed to have done lots of bad things. I haven't.

What I have done is tell the people in power at my place of work. "NO".

"NO", you cannot censor this, no, you cannot have that, no you cannot do the other.

I am here to tell you the following facts:

Despite 'evidence' against me, my brethren have suppoted me.

When my 'friends' (people who I worked with who I thought were freinds) turned away, my brethren suppoted me.

I was told at the outset, that if I was lying, and the allegations against me were true, my brethren would also turn away.

I have not lied. Brotherly love, truth and relief.

My brethren are still standing by me.

Judge the Scottish Rite as you wish, I am TELLING you, I am good, MY (york rite) brethren are good.

Real freemasonry IS good.

Peace be with you all.

Truebeliever...........I am telling the truth.

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