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The figures I found measured the average native African (pure-breed) IQ at 70. The average African-American IQ was 85. Most African-Americans are mixed-breed / mixed-race. IQ scores indicate that the average African-American is about 50% African genetically. The vast majority have American Indian, caucasian, or Hispanic ancestors in addition to African ancestors.

It is easy to see in the main stream media that the mixed-race African is being promoted forcefully, while anything of an all-white nature is increasingly taboo.

This trend is a deliberately engineered program of our Zionist/NWO rulers. One of the main reasons they are doing this is to raise the average IQ of certain groups and lower the average IQ of others in order to create a mass of people that can be trained to work but never oppose their rulers. Another reason they are doing it is to destroy the cultural and racial heritage of all groups except that of the rulers; doing this makes it possible to indoctrinate the masses with a new cultural identity that is completely obedient and loyal to the rulers.

I am confident that while our rulers are creating a mass of mixed-race, mediocre IQ people to perform the lower-level tasks of society, they are implementing breeding practices to raise IQ levels in their own families. The end result will be that 5% of the people will be in the elite, high IQ, highly educated, millionaire class, and 95% of the people will be in the worker class that is never allowed to learn much (beyond what they need to know to do their job, or the non-stop programming on ESPN and MTV) or aquire much wealth.

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