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Default Re: "yuppies" and other people who refuse to believe that the world is evil

I think to be politically indoctrinated you must stand firmly on your ground as to your belief system IN the government. Changing your belief system is a very difficult task!!

Politics can be like religion in that regard.

I, too, sometimes believe that just as frustrating as it is to try to open they eyes of others, it is as frustrating for them in knowing that there isn't much they can do about a "corrupt" government even if they do believe/accept or know it. They don't have the time, the energy, the resources to make the necessary changes is what they think. Not understanding that knowledge equals power and change can only be affected through a mass movement.

In addition, they don't understand the situation to be as "dire" as many others do.

You are only skimming the surface when presenting your facts/information and it takes time and much more research for the brain to understand, comprehend and then accept. It can be a slow process. The rest, the deep, dark stuff, well, that they usually toss out.

I know I was/I am a mind control victim/survivor. My husband, my children had no idea about these programs. Neither did I. Hard to believe, but true!!!

This was one of the most difficult tasks I faced in my life.

After 22 years of marriage, would my husband, my children think that I was CRAZY!!

Yeah, I'm CRAZY sometimes, but I mean, you know, would they think my mind had gone over the edge?

Quite frightening, but after being presented with evidence of these programs, my memories, information I know about them, several years have passed and we are now all becomming "enlightened."
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