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Default Re: Why are some people so hostile to conspiracy theories? Especially the educated types?

the ego.c/p from m e croft.
When I hear, “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories”, what I hear is, “I’ve made up my mind based
upon what I’ve been told to think by the Media Mafia conspiring to propagandize via TV, radio, and
newspapers; please don’t confuse me with the truth.” What’s true is these people do believe in conspiracy
theories - the ones they’ve been fed. If what they believe - what they’ve been told to think - were true, they
wouldn’t need to believe it. Belief is of the ego mind and hence, false. When we know something is true,
we don’t need to involve our egos. This is why we don’t really have much emotional attachment to the
truth. It just is. It is when someone becomes emotional about a subject that I know they only ‘believe’ it.
This usually comes up around religious or political beliefs. They are protecting their programing which has
settled in the ego mind. The truth is foreign to anyone who argues those two subjects. It is their not
knowing which causes the emotional response. Anyone who has certainty, which is from their experience,
has no emotional charge on it. Arguing, by definition, is a reaction of the ego. This is why no one wins an
argument. There is no win when the ego thinks it has won.
The Media are the sycophants of those promoting their agenda but it really is not ‘conspiracy’ -
“plotting for treason, murder, sedition, or other evil-doing” (Oxford English Dictionary); it is complicity -
“accomplice-ship; partnership in guilt” (OED).
The word “theory” means premise yet to be proven. So when one puts it all together, “I don’t believe
in conspiracy theories”, it sounds rather weak. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories either. I don’t need to;
I know of the evidence of complicity”. Along with being accused of “believing in conspiracy theories”, I
am also accused of being a ‘cynic’. :-)
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