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Default Re: Why are some people so hostile to conspiracy theories? Especially the educated types?

truebeliever wrote:
Come, come THUMPER. Stop playing all innocent.

You know why...because they're STOOPID...actually, from the psychological point of view...most people make a pact with their oppressors at a VERY early age.

As children, as we are told to shut up, do as you're told, why do you ask so many questions, is'nt it enough that i told you so, i dont care if you think it's not fair, while you live under my roof sonny you'll do as you're told, you're not qualified to comment darling - you hav'nt been to university, oh look dear - a man in a suit with a tie says we can all relax and go back to sleep - the government is looking after us, damn kids are a nuisence, i put food on the table sonny and i want some respect - i dont care if you find me beating you're mother not fair - shut up...

Is it any wonder?

Maybe we should stop blaming "them" and look at how we bring up our kids which we still have 'some' control over still.

Sounds like TrueBeliever bases the "brainwashing" on his mother and/or father.

Not all parents respond in the manner he has described.
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